Life planning and Life education Project

In recent years, Hong Kong’s economic downturn and schoolchildren’s suicide problems have become increasingly serious. Life planning and life education have become a topic of great concern in the society. Career planning is a comprehensive plan and determination of life goals. It is an important task in everyone's life. In this process, children have to face many choices. In addition, strengthening life education can help children recognize the value of life, face the challenges and difficulties of life actively and bravely, perceive the beauty and value of life, and know how to respect, cherish and love life. This project intends to equip children with life planning skills as early as possible through "life planning" and "life education" sims experience activities, explore the meaning of life, improve the ability to bear setbacks, effectively deal with tasks and challenges in the growth stage, and help personal growth , Prepare for the future early and plan your life.

Service Target: Primary 5 to Primary 6 students (about 2,000 person-times throughout the year)

Project Period: Jan-Dec 2018

Funding Amount (HKD): HK$49,700

Beneficiary Organization:
Hong Kong Playground Association founded in 1933, it is a long-standing non-governmental youth social service organization in Hong Kong. Through diversified services, we are committed to cultivating young people's comprehensive and balanced physical and mental development in moral, intellectual, physical, social, and beauty, and become the successors of Hong Kong society.

Choi Tak Integrated Service Centre for Children & Youth ("the Centre") is the newly established youth service unit of Hong Kong Playground Association has been providing services to children, young people and parents in Choi Hung and other regions since March 2012, and is committed to creating an environment that helps children and young people grow up; at the same time, it also serves Young people in the East Kowloon region who have received the Superintendent’s Warning Scheme provide community support services to enable them to achieve self-improvement.

The Centre’s service focuses include enhancing and expanding the social vision and experience of children and young people, supporting children and young people in school (in-school services), building a harmonious community, advocating a “caring family culture and assisting non-native-born families to adapt to the pace of local life. Integrate into the community as soon as possible. Services include support for the growth of children and young people, support for low-income and new arrival youth services, community participation and volunteer services, parent/parent-child and family-friendly services, school support services, counseling and consulting services.