Sat SI class

- Behavioral Therapist Professor
- Through various group games, help children to achieve greater performance in various fields, such as: self-control ability, memory, problem-solving ability, mental interpretation, collaboration ability, listening comprehension and communication skills, and how to play with peers and other social skills - Encourage children to express and share emotions with interactive games to arouse empathy

First come first served

Aims: Low-income families without government services, families with financial difficulties

Age: 3-5 years old, children with communication and social difficulties

- 9:30-11:00 in the morning every Saturday
- There are 8 sessions in the whole period
Remarks: The time and content of class will be determined by the institution

Fee: HK$80 per session (Original price HK$480)
Remarks: 4 classes must be paid before the start of the class, and 8 classes must be attended. If you do not ask for leave in advance, there will be no make-up classes and refunds.

Venue: Kowloon Yau Ma area

Please WhatsApp 5613 2566 first
Fill in the service application form and provide the required supporting documents

Remarks: This institution reserves the right to make the final decision on admission of applicants

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