Free Occupational Therapy Online Parent Workshop

Improve your children's learning at home

Explain in simple language, teach parents to use time and materials at home to train and improve children's small muscle coordination and meet their needs for sensory integration

• Low-income families (Free-of-charge)
• Other families (HK$150 per lesson)
• Other families (HK$300 for 2 lessons)

Form: ZOOM online

Time: Two sessions in total, one hour each

Mentor: Registered Occupational Therapist

Group A: (2 lessons)
Target Audience: Parents of children aged 2-3
Time: 26/3 and 2/4 (Saturday) 1:30pm-2:30pm
Content: Sensory Integration Needs and Small Muscle Training for Children 2-3 Years Old

Group B: (2 lessons)
Target Audience: Parents of children aged 4-6
Time: 26/3 and 2/4 (Saturday) 3:00pm-4:00pm
Contents: Pre-writing and writing training, visuospatial and eye movement coordination training for children aged 4-6

Remarks: We reserve the right to decide the final admission application

How to apply:
Fill in the online application form and WhatsApp we will provide the required supporting documents

(Activity completed. Thank you all for your support)