Occupational Therapy Assessment

(This activity is a course internship for Occupational Therapy students of Tung Wah College)

Children who are assessed and in need of treatment can receive subsidized training for two months

• Children aged 3-6 (free of charge)
• Children who have not received any assessment or training
• Children with suspected sensory integration disorders and concentration problems

When the budget campaign runs: March 2022 (60 minutes per session)

- This activity is an internship activity of the Occupational Therapy Student Program of Tung Wah College
- The student will provide occupational therapy assessments for your child
- After the assessment is completed, an oral report and recommendations will be provided
- If necessary, a follow-up will also be suggested
- The activity will not cause any unpleasant consequences
- All information provided is for the purpose of this activity only
- A questionnaire must be filled out when registering

Date and Time:
- During the activity, children will attend one or two sessions accompanied by a guardian, and will be assessed individually (60 minutes per session)
- The campaign will run through March 2022
- The exact date/time will be determined jointly by the student and guardian
- Venue: Tung Wah College (98 Shantung Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong)

Remarks: Tung Wah College has the final decision on the eligibility for participation in this event.

Use the online form to fill in the questionnaire and application form

(Activity completed. Thank you all for your support)